May. 20, 2020

walter gebauer – small bowl | c. 1955


[glazed clay, dm. 12cm]

Dec. 05, 2019

Dec. 24, 2017

walter gebauer – miniature vases | c. 1950/60


these 24 miniatures by walter gebauer i have posted during the advent time 2017. merry christmas! [glazed clay, h. 3,6-12,3cm]

Dec. 21, 2016

walter gebauer – bowl | c. 1965


[glazed and decorated clay, dm. 22cm]

Dec. 10, 2015

Jun. 30, 2014

walter gebauer – slop-bowl | c. 1965


just a short review about the potter market in bürgel: great location, great atmosphere and in the end a great piece from the neighbor dealer. see my newest ceramic of walter gebauer above. the proper news was: the preservation of the former workshop of freigang/gebauer as memorial site by a collector/dealer.

May. 23, 2014

walter gebauer – vase | c. 1970


a master piece by this master potter. slightly crystals are viewable over the complex flow glaze. i can’t get enough of that multifaceted piece. [glazed clay, h. 16cm]

Apr. 11, 2014

werner rudolph – poster ‹4. ausstellung des kunsthandwerks der ddr› | erfurt | 1969


a rare poster of an exhibition who has been taken place in erfurt in 1969. this four-yearly craft show falls into the category of very important exhibitions of east germany. [offset print, 80,8cm x 57,3cm]

most of the pictured pieces are still identifyable today. have a look:

1.) glass vase | not identified lauscha
2.) erika gravenstein – lidded dish
3.) walter gebauer – plate
4.) not identified yet
5.) horst michel – glass bowl
6.) lidded box | pgh naumburg
7.) walter gebauer – vase
8.) erika gravenstein – dish
9.) walter gebauer – jug
10.) gertraud möhwald – mocca pot
11.) peter smalun – sugar box | weimar porzellan
12.) glass vase | not identified
13.) horst michel – glass bowl
14.) walter gebauer – plate
15.) heiner-hans koerting – vase
16.) turned wood box | not identified

Feb. 19, 2013

christian richter – vase | c. 1965


the impressive list of workshops, where christian richter got his education and work after his apprenticeship, sounds like the who’s who of east german ceramists: heiner-hans körting, walter gebauer, eva schulz-endert, karl grothe and hedwig bollhagen. after his traveling years he founded an own workshop in berlin-niederschönhausen. this piece is a early example of his work. its contrast between the rough surface and the smooth rim is very typical. [chamotte (grog) clay, h. 14,5cm]

Oct. 27, 2012

walter gebauer – vase | c. 1965


we wanted a gossamer for the holiday but we got the first snow over thuringia last night. and it is still snowing like the powdered glaze of walter gebauers vase. [manganese clay, h. 10,5cm]