May. 09, 2020

volkhard precht – vase | c. 1970


[hot glass with coloured inlay and copper powder, h. 21,5cm]

Feb. 21, 2018

volkhard precht – vase | c. 1975


[hot glass, h. 15cm]

Dec. 09, 2016

volkhard precht – bowl | 1977


[hot glass, dm. 14,5cm]

Jul. 31, 2016

volkhard precht – vase | c. 1975


a vase by volkhard precht made from blue bubble glass. this type of glass was developed by napoleone martinuzzi in the 1920s for venini and called pulegoso. many muranese manufacturers followed and later in the 1930s other european manufacturers too. in the 1970s volkhard precht resumed this type of glassmaking for his own work. it underlines the archaic appearance of this square vase in a special way. [hot glass, h. 22cm]

Sep. 07, 2015

volkhard precht – vessel | 1976


[hot glass with coloured inlay, h. 16cm]

Oct. 12, 2012

volkhard precht – three vases | c. 1975


an ensemble of early drop-shaped vases by the studio glass artist volkhard precht. a more of appropriate use of the material glass are inconceivable, i think. [hot glass, h. 35-47cm]

Jan. 28, 2011

volkhard precht – bowl | 1982


a fantastic free formed piece by the master of glass volkhard precht. he is regarded as one of the founders of studio glass in east germany. his hot shop was the first one in a private studio. [hot glass, dm. 17cm]