May. 26, 2020

ulli wittich-grosskurth – lidded box | c. 1980


[clay with painted glaze, h. 14cm]

Mar. 22, 2020

Feb. 14, 2017

ulli wittich-grosskurth – vases | c. 1960


a pair of vases by ulli wittich-grosskurth cemented together during the firing process. the discret decoration of these pieces reminds on her mentor walter gebauer. happy valentine! [glazed clay, h. 12,5cm]

Dec. 02, 2015

ulli wittich-grosskurth – teapot | c. 1958


[glazed clay and wattle work, h. 12/20cm]

Aug. 17, 2015

ulli wittich-grosskurth – wall reliefs | 1983


two beautiful wall reliefs are hanging each over the stairway in a kindergarten/-grippe in erfurt. the faience piece illustrate the fairy tale ‹little briar rose› by the brothers grimm. the wall decoration of the kindergarten shows some characters of grimms fairy tales in a hot air balloons, the frog king or the golden goose for example.