Jun. 14, 2020

rudolf kaiser – wall platter | 1973


the motive of the wall platter looks like a caricature of the present era. but it illustrates the fairy tale ‹the fisherman and his wife› of philipp otto runge, which was published by the brothers grimm too. [faience ware, dm. 34,5cm]

thuringia has closed the lockdown last weekend and i will post in looser intervals again. thank you!

Dec. 24, 2019

rudolf kaiser – wall platter | 1969


the two doves were made in full three dimensional relief by the master ceramist rudolf kaiser. one of two pieces from the original interior of the restaurant ‹goldbroiler› in rostock. merry christmas! [faience ware, dm. 36cm]

Jan. 09, 2015

rudolf kaiser – wall platter | 1975


„life is not so, life is different.“ 125 years ago the journalist, satirist and writer kurt tucholsky was born. which encourages me to publishing a wall platter of rudolf kaiser. it’s using a famous quotation of tucholsky together with an artists still life like matisse or picasso at her studio. [faience ware, 36,5×28,5cm]