Apr. 18, 2020

peter smalun – ‹grand opening› vase | henneberg porzellan, ilmenau | 1973


this vase was a present for every member of staff for the opening of the new factory workshop in 1973. the new faktory logo emerges as the endless relief pattern on the surface of this vessel. an unique and really discret design solution by peter smalun. [glazed porcelain, h. 22cm]

Feb. 21, 2017

peter smalun – anniversary vase | weimar porzellan | c. 1965


another piece which was released for the anniversary of weimar porzellan. the porcelain manufacture has celebrated its 175th anniversary in 1965. [gilded porcelain, h. 16cm]

Jan. 13, 2016

peter smalun – anniversary dish | weimar porzellan | c. 1965


i will open this year with a rare anniversary dish of weimar porzellan which was released in 1965 for the celebrate the 800th anniversary of the leipzig trade fair. peter smalun has given this solitary piece a breathtaking surface of a honeycomb shaped relief. designed more than fifty years ago and still modern. [gilded porcelain, dm. 18cm]

Dec. 18, 2015

peter smalun – ‹exquisit› teapot | weimar porzellan | 1965


[glazed porcelain and wattle work, h. 10,7/17cm]

May. 05, 2014

Apr. 11, 2014

werner rudolph – poster ‹4. ausstellung des kunsthandwerks der ddr› | erfurt | 1969


a rare poster of an exhibition who has been taken place in erfurt in 1969. this four-yearly craft show falls into the category of very important exhibitions of east germany. [offset print, 80,8cm x 57,3cm]

most of the pictured pieces are still identifyable today. have a look:

1.) glass vase | not identified lauscha
2.) erika gravenstein – lidded dish
3.) walter gebauer – plate
4.) not identified yet
5.) horst michel – glass bowl
6.) lidded box | pgh naumburg
7.) walter gebauer – vase
8.) erika gravenstein – dish
9.) walter gebauer – jug
10.) gertraud möhwald – mocca pot
11.) peter smalun – sugar box | weimar porzellan
12.) glass vase | not identified
13.) horst michel – glass bowl
14.) walter gebauer – plate
15.) heiner-hans koerting – vase
16.) turned wood box | not identified

Dec. 17, 2012