May. 02, 2020

hans meyer – vase | c. 1965


a perfect combination of form and decor. [decorated and glazed earthenware, h. 13,5cm]

Apr. 07, 2020

hans meyer – storage jar | 1969


the decoration called ‹little folks decor› and reflects some customs and traditions of the sorbs, the west slavic minority of lusatia. [decorated, glazed earthenware, h. 22,5cm]

Dec. 17, 2019

hans meyer – ‹cat› figure | 1978


[decorated, glazed earthenware, l. 28cm]

Dec. 01, 2019

hans meyer – ‹dove› figure | 1972


[decorated, glazed earthenware, h. 6,8cm]

Oct. 30, 2013

hans meyer – center piece | 1966


hans meyer (1925-1982) was a bischofswerda based ceramist in upper lusatia. lusatia is the home to the west slavic minority group of the sorbs. theirs sybolic and motives are reflected in the decoration of his ceramics. his work stand in the long tradition of lusatian ceramics. [decorated, glazed earthenware, dm. 36cm]