Apr. 29, 2017

mario enke – bowl | c. 1980


[stoneware, multiple glaze, dm. 13cm]

Oct. 20, 2016

mario enke – handled vase | c. 1985


i fell in love at the first sight in this brilliant piece of mario enke. the appearance of this perfect amphora-shaped vase is quite simply and timeless. the unexpected quality of the glaze is very unusually for gdr circumstances. i can not resume the correct order of glazing and etching. but the result is breathtaking – velvet surface versus partly shiny, hare’s fur glaze versus slight craquelé reduction glaze – multifaceted in every respect. [stoneware, multiple glaze, etched, h. 32cm]

Oct. 09, 2015

mario enke – vase | c. 1980


a wonderful stoneware piece with wood-fired reduction glaze, multifaceted surface with slight craquelé. [glazed stoneware, h. 11,7cm]

Feb. 27, 2011

erfurt – exhibition “35 years international ceramic symposia römhild 1975-2008”


in preparation for the ninth international ceramic symposium römhild the gallery krönbacken shows a retrospective of the last eight symposia. the list of participating ceramists is like reading the who is who of east german ceramics. open until the 3rd april 2011. enjoy some gallery shots.

in front floor vases by thomas grzimek, amphora shaped vase by mario enke

figure by lothar sell

bird shaped vessel by heidi manthey

plate by horst skorupa