Apr. 19, 2020

Apr. 28, 2014

klaus wittkugel – single-record sleeves | deutsche schallplatten | 1956


five generic sleeves with neutral cover art-work for variable content designed by the graphic designer klaus wittkugel. [offset print, 18cm x 18cm]

Nov. 03, 2010

christa petroff-bohne – tea pot | abs | 1957-61


for years this tea pot was my most wanted item. it is from a wide range of hollowware for the quality gastronomy in the gdr. christa petroff-bohne, a fresh graduate from academy of the fine and applied arts in berlin, has been engaged to redesign the whole gastronomy range of the auer besteck- und silberwarenwerke, ten years earlier than arne jacobsens cylinda line! the logotype on the tea pot designed by klaus wittkugel stands for the “palast der republik”. my piece of this i have in daily use. [stainless steel, v. 500ml]