Jan. 09, 2017

sledge ‹polycomb› | germina [attrib.] | c. 1970


an elegant, demountable sledge. optional accessories were mounted ski.
[ash wood and plywood, 23x100x40cm]

Dec. 15, 2016

dish | ostseeschmuck | c. 1970


[enameled brass, dm. 18cm]

Dec. 12, 2016

footed bowl | wtk meissen | c. 1980


[porcelain, h. 19,5cm]

Dec. 06, 2016

salad bowl | expertic | c. 1970


[turned teakwood, dm. 22,5cm]

Feb. 29, 2016

watering can | presswerk tambach [attrib.] | c. 1960


a simple shaped watering can with recessed grips amazed with very good functional handling: both grip positions are fine balanced and no dripping. the plastic smells like pieces from the presswerk tambach. but i have no idea of its origin. [polyethylene, h. 16cm]

Dec. 01, 2015

tea kettle/pot | vvb ebm | c. 1970


[enameled steel/stailess steel/meladur plastic, h. 16cm]

Mar. 25, 2014

vase ‹form 1177› | steingutfabrik strehla | c. 1965


i remember well my childhood. always i’ve thought strehla vases are the epitome of ugliness. after some surprises i have more respect towards steingutfabrik strehla. for example this piece with its modernist style when the bottom says strehla. but these exceptions are rarer in the late production. for the most of the1980s pieces my life is to short to find them nice. [ceramic ware, h. 23,7cm]

Feb. 04, 2013

two vases ‹form 897› | steingutfabrik strehla | c. 1960


in the mid-sixties yves saint laurent has created with the “mondrian day dress” a fashion icon like no other. mondrians grid-design has influenced the designer of the decor of the vases above in a similarly way, just a bit earlier than ysl. [ceramic ware, h. 18/15,4cm]

Apr. 27, 2012

briefcase | lederwarenfabrik pößneck | 1960s


an elegant briefcase of the veb lederwarenfabrik pößneck identifiable by a rare original zipper label. the beautiful appearance underlined with the retractable handle was probably made by in-house designers. [black leather, 29×42,5x9cm]