Jun. 10, 2020

horst michel – typewriter ‹elite 3› | optima schreibmaschinenwerk | 1955


the design of this typewriter based on the typewriter ‹optima m10› designed by horst michel in 1946. the more compact ‹elite 3› is a inhouse further development and again under significant participation of horst michel. [plastic and metal, h.xb.xt. 16x32x32cm]

May. 25, 2020

May. 25, 2017

siegfried gramann – vase | c. 1950


the quality label of the german crafts was initialised by horst michel in 1949. it indicates outstanding pieces of craftship and the work of an individual craftsmen respectively. one of the first appointed craftsmens was siegfried gramann. this vase with its aura of the neue sachlichkeit is still labeled with the original sticker: white lily over blue ground. [glazed stoneware, h. 11cm]

Jul. 09, 2016

horst michel – vase | rhönwerkstätten stadtlengsfeld [attrib.] | c. 1950


horst michel has designed this footed vase with a perfect parabola shaped bowl. this very early piece was shown at the first exhibition of the institut for interior design weimar in 1951. [cut mold-blown glass, h. 20,5cm]

Oct. 26, 2015

horst michel – vase | rhönwerkstätten stadtlengsfeld | c. 1955


the decoration of this piece indicates his original education as graphic designer. [enamel decorated glass, h. 14,9cm]

Jan. 18, 2015

horst michel – vase | rhönwerkstätten stadtlengsfeld | c. 1955


horst michel gave few designs to the rhön glassworks in the early 1950s. i love this vessel for its massive execution and the nice color of the glass. an early piece of east-german design with a realy modernist appearance. [cut mold-blown glass, h. 17,5cm]

Apr. 11, 2014

werner rudolph – poster ‹4. ausstellung des kunsthandwerks der ddr› | erfurt | 1969


a rare poster of an exhibition who has been taken place in erfurt in 1969. this four-yearly craft show falls into the category of very important exhibitions of east germany. [offset print, 80,8cm x 57,3cm]

most of the pictured pieces are still identifyable today. have a look:

1.) glass vase | not identified lauscha
2.) erika gravenstein – lidded dish
3.) walter gebauer – plate
4.) not identified yet
5.) horst michel – glass bowl
6.) lidded box | pgh naumburg
7.) walter gebauer – vase
8.) erika gravenstein – dish
9.) walter gebauer – jug
10.) gertraud möhwald – mocca pot
11.) peter smalun – sugar box | weimar porzellan
12.) glass vase | not identified
13.) horst michel – glass bowl
14.) walter gebauer – plate
15.) heiner-hans koerting – vase
16.) turned wood box | not identified

Feb. 15, 2013

horst michel – glass vessel | glaswerk g. fischer, ilmenau | 1967


with this shape horst michel has created a new type of vessel. a mix made from bowl and from vase. the multifunctional vessel called “schalenvase” in german. various shapes in glass and porcelain are known. [red overlay glass, h. 14cm]

Jun. 20, 2012

horst michel – teapot | porzellanfabrik lettin | 1950


horst michel – teapot ‹veronika› | lettin | 1950
finding this teapot was my comfort for the rainy saturday last weekend. horst michel was the founder and the professor of the institut für innengestaltung weimar (institute of interior design) from 1946 to 1970. his teaching and his work as designer was of particular significance for the design made in gdr. [white porcelain, h. 11,5cm]