Apr. 17, 2020

horst giese – wall clock ‹elektrochron› | uhrenwerk glashütte | 1962


produced in two sizes from 1967 until 1986. [plastic, metal and glass, dm. 18,6cm]

Jan. 29, 2018

horst giese & günter reißmann – lemonade set | 1960


once again a development of the design team around albert krause at the burg giebichenstein. her design quality don’t stop in front of cheap consumer goods. the base and the cover have an amazing accuracy of fit. the beakers are to store inside the lidded vessel. [plastic, h. 14cm]

Jan. 28, 2013

horst giese [attrib.] – radio ‹halle 5120› | stern-radio sonneberg | 1963


here you see another example of the relationship of the burg giebichenstein and industry, in this case stern-radio sonneberg. it is really interesting to see such combination of material. on one hand the historic using of wood and on the other side the new plastics for the front, with its first application at the radio “jalta 5060” and later at this radio “halle 5120”. [limba blockboard, plastic, 33x70x24cm]

Feb. 22, 2012

horst giese & martin kelm – coffee funnel set | 1960


this coffee funnel set brews a cup of coffee without using a coffee machine. [meladur plastic, h. 12,7cm]