Apr. 08, 2020

hartmut bechmann – vase | c. 1980


it looks, that this vase was blown in the same mold as the first vase of hartmut bechmann, i have posted several years ago. [hot glass, h. 14,7cm]

Dec. 22, 2016

hartmut bechmann – bowl | c. 1980


[hot glass, dm. 22cm]

May. 10, 2014

hartmut bechmann – bowl | c. 1978


hartmut bechmanns work reflects the dynamic of art glassmaking in east germany very well. when hartmut bechmann established his own studio, he has included a hot shop too. in 1974 it was the second in a private studio at all. so he was able to start his experimental and innovativ work. one of his unique techniques was the combination of glass blowing before the lamp and hot glass to admire in this master piece of glassmaking. [hot glass with lamp glass inlay, h. 11cm]

Jan. 13, 2013

hartmut bechmann – vase | c. 1980


a mold-blown and free formed piece by the glass artist hartmut bechmann. [hot glass, h. 15,4cm]