Jan. 29, 2018

horst giese & günter reißmann – lemonade set | 1960


once again a development of the design team around albert krause at the burg giebichenstein. her design quality don’t stop in front of cheap consumer goods. the base and the cover have an amazing accuracy of fit. the beakers are to store inside the lidded vessel. [plastic, h. 14cm]

Oct. 12, 2010

günter reissmann – sauce ladle | smalcalda | 1964


an absolut beautiful find of today. a part of his neutral serving tools. neutral to few different cutleries designed by günter reissmann for smalcalda (vereinigte werkzeug- und besteckfabriken, schmalkalden). i am looking forward to serving the next hollandaise sauce. [stainless steel, l. 17,6cm]