May. 17, 2020

erich krause – bowl set ‹1276› | elsterwerda | c. 1965


this rare ceramic set is not documented yet, but it leaves no doubt as a typical work of erich krause. [band decorated ceramic ware, h. 23,2cm]

Dec. 12, 2015

Mar. 20, 2015

erich krause – water jug ‹1260› | elsterwerda | 1956


a very early and rare piece of elserwerda ware, but all ceramics of this manufacturer are quiet rare, on depend of the brittleness of its material. [ceramic ware with stenciled decoration, h. 23,6cm]

Jul. 15, 2012

irene kirmis-glitzner – container set ‹1267› | elsterwerda | 1961


this stackable containers were designed by irene kirmis-glitzner during her practical training at elsterwerda earthenware. this result found its way in the serial production, a common practice in the relationship of the burg giebichenstein and industry. the decoration was created by erich krause. [ceramic ware, h. 18,7cm]

Jan. 25, 2011

erich krause – coffee set ‹ilka› | elsterwerda | c. 1965


i’ve told about my starting the design collection, but these pieces above opened my eyes to other ware than made from glass: ceramics specially by the manufacturer elsterwerda. elsterwerda became known and sought after for its stenciled airbrush ware of the 1930s. in the midcentury it revolved the ceramic design for the second time. the art director during this time was erich krause. [ceramic ware, h. 18,2cm]