Mar. 26, 2015

christine freigang – jelly pot | c. 1975


in its simplicity perfect. this jelly pot shows exemplary the work of christine freigang between the poles of traditional pottery of bürgel and the ceramic work of her father walter gebauer. for more visit the upcoming exhibition of the bürgel keramikmuseum!

Dec. 20, 2014

christine freigang – candle holder | c. 1970


[chamotte (grog) clay, h. 13cm]

Dec. 02, 2014

christine freigang – candle holder | c. 1980


[glazed ceramic, h. 8,2cm]

Feb. 01, 2014

christine freigang – water jar | 1990


[assembled and glazed ceramic, h. 32cm]

Jan. 31, 2014

christine freigang – tea set | c. 1995


today, i was informed, that the ceramist christine freigang died in the beginning of the year. a great ceramist and an outstanding personality who has been involved at the developing of the keramikmuseum bürgel in its current form. a great loss for the ceramic community. i will miss her warm-hearted, open and friendly being.

Jun. 29, 2011

designhandlung at bürgel


getting published reminds me to report the bürgel potter market. the collectors market was in front of christina freigang’s workshop, the former workshop of her father walter gebauer. it was the best place in bürgel for starting conversation, because some visitors knew little anecdotes about him. and also the potters made their way to the collectors market to discuss and philosophize about shapes and glazes in front of the old pots. it has been a while that so much beautiful old ceramics were buyable in bürgel, christina freigang said. a very relaxed athmosphere all along, that whets the appetite for more. i will present some of my barter objects and the purchases soon.