Dec. 11, 2016

christian richter – bowl | c. 1965


[chamotte (grog) clay, dm. 11,3cm]

Nov. 09, 2016

christian richter – medal | c. 1970


on a day like today is this medal of christian richter the right piece to show, an interpretation of picasso’s dove of peace. throughout his life christian richter was a engaged pacifist. [moulded manganese clay, dm. 5,3cm]

Dec. 10, 2014

christian richter – candle holder | c. 1965/1989


when i met christian richter last year at the age of 78, he answered my question about his current works: i have just produced more than twenty confirmation candleholders. he made these candleholders throughout his working life. this piece was borrowed for the picture from a friend. thank you, benno!
[manganese clay, h. 12,5cm]

Feb. 19, 2013

christian richter – vase | c. 1965


the impressive list of workshops, where christian richter got his education and work after his apprenticeship, sounds like the who’s who of east german ceramists: heiner-hans körting, walter gebauer, eva schulz-endert, karl grothe and hedwig bollhagen. after his traveling years he founded an own workshop in berlin-niederschönhausen. this piece is a early example of his work. its contrast between the rough surface and the smooth rim is very typical. [chamotte (grog) clay, h. 14,5cm]