Jun. 19, 2014

carl fischer – vases | c. 1960


i have presented two ceramics of carl fischer one year ago. here you see two other pieces of “fischerkeramik” with other appearance made with sgrafitto technique. [glazed clay, h. 13,2/22,3cm]

p.s. come in touch with designhandlung at the collectors market for historic ceramics during the famous potter market 2014 in bürgel at the upcoming weekend. it will take place in the kiln-room of the formaly freigang/gebauer workshop!

Jun. 20, 2013

carl fischer – vases | c. 1960


another important potter of bürgel was carl fischer. ceramics of his workshop with a special decoration of sgrafitto and painted techniques were very unique and known as “fischerkeramik”. but this both pieces represent his other side: a perfect combination of shape and hare’s fur glaze. [glazed clay, h. 14,8/21,5cm]

p.s. have a look at the traditional potter market in bürgel the upcomming weekend and come in touch with designhandlung at the third collectors market.