Dec. 03, 2016

May. 04, 2016

Jul. 15, 2014

friedrich bundtzen – set of beakers | olg | 1962


another example why i regard the work of friedrich bundtzen. these mouth-blown beakers are fine graduated in different sizes for storing and packaging glass-in-glass. the clear shape stands for its own. the only decoration of these glasses are the traditional square-cut base. they are highlighted at the cover of his catalog raisonné from 1969. [mould-blown crystal glass, h. 13-7cm]

Sep. 09, 2013

friedrich bundtzen – lidded bowl ‹romanze› | olg | 1962


with this ensemble friedrich bundtzen has created another timeless icon of design history made in gdr, which was shown at countless exhibitions related on design since the 1960s. to spite of the large volume, it appears to float with ease. [mould-blown glass, h. 25,5/9cm]

Apr. 07, 2013

friedrich bundtzen – tripod bowl ‹dominante› | ankerglas | 1958


the solution of friedrich bundtzen for his tripodal bowl is very innovative. three virtual intersecting lines form three angular bumps as base for this fantastic pressed glass piece. [pressed glass, dm. 25cm]

Oct. 01, 2010

friedrich bundtzen – wine set | olg weisswasser | 1959


here you see another great example of design made in gdr. friedrich bundtzen was a assistant of wilhelm wagenfeld and later the art director of the lausitzer glassworks after the wwII. [mould-blown bronze coloured glass, h. 27,5/9,2cm]