Mar. 19, 2016

albin schaedel – vase | 1959


[lamp-blown glass with inlaid manganese threads, h. 21cm]

Jan. 24, 2012

albin schaedel – ensemble of vases | 1959


albin schaedel was the renovator of making glass before the lamp. his name is associated with countless pioneering inventions. but i admire albin schaedel for his keen sense of timeless shapes and his eye on perfect proportions, best viewable on such plain vessels. the second vase from right was my first find of the year. [lamp-blown glass, h. 12,8-24cm]

Apr. 24, 2011

designhandlung – happy easter


happy easter greetings at the todays breakfast table by a daisy filled vase of albin schaedel and a egg cup designed by brigitte mahn-diedering. thank you emma, thank you simone!