May. 10, 2020

Apr. 10, 2020

albert krause – peg basket | c. 1960


[polyethylene, w. 26cm]

Jan. 29, 2018

horst giese & günter reißmann – lemonade set | 1960


once again a development of the design team around albert krause at the burg giebichenstein. her design quality don’t stop in front of cheap consumer goods. the base and the cover have an amazing accuracy of fit. the beakers are to store inside the lidded vessel. [plastic, h. 14cm]

Dec. 02, 2016

Feb. 21, 2011

albert krause – storage containers | plasta-werke sonneberg | c. 1959


“plaste and elaste“ stands as synonym of the gdr for itself, becouse plastics had a wide popularity. in the fifties it was the only material, which could supply the fast growing wants of the people in a quality-oriented and cheap way. meladur tableware, similar to melamin plastics, were very popular in canteens, catering services and privat households of course. the most beautiful pieces, like this nice fridge and foodkeeper boxes, were designed by a group of designers around albert krause at the burg giebichenstein. [meladur plastic, 6,5×9,5×9,5 to 6,5×19,5×19,5cm]