Dec. 31, 2013

hedwig bollhagen – vase | c. 1957


the favourite addition to my collection of design made in gdr last year – a late 1950s sgraffito piece by hedwig bollhagen. it combines hedwig bollhagens style and the manner of decoration of the artist charles crodel, who has worked several times at the hb-werkstätten. this master piece reflects the influence of her friendship. [sgraffito decorated stoneware, h. 24cm]

happy 2014!

Dec. 24, 2013

helmut flade – christmas pyramid | kwo | c. 1960


the traditional ore mountains christmas decoration with modernist appearance of the 1960s. helmut flade has designed this wall mounted christmas pyramid for the kunstgewerbe-werkstätten olbernhau.

merry christmas!

Dec. 06, 2013

erfurt – street art


some street lights at stiftsgasse were prepared for the cold.

Dec. 01, 2013

erfurt goes world heritage list?


the campaign of erfurt to obtaining a unesco world heritage site has started. erfurt stands for the world heritage due its jewish history.

Nov. 13, 2013

fritz keuchel – ensemble of ‹stella› vessels | glaswerk schwepnitz | 1974/75


the glass series ‹stella›, which was awarded as ‹gutes design› in 1978, was created by fritz keuchel. its unique touch received the pressed glass after a refinement process. the second step of production was the warming and deforming of the edge. [pressed glass, h. 5-18cm]

Oct. 30, 2013

hans meyer – center piece | 1966


hans meyer (1925-1982) was a bischofswerda based ceramist in upper lusatia. lusatia is the home to the west slavic minority group of the sorbs. theirs sybolic and motives are reflected in the decoration of his ceramics. his work stand in the long tradition of lusatian ceramics. [decorated, glazed earthenware, dm. 36cm]

Oct. 11, 2013

helmut flade – ‹elementar› construction vehicles | vero | 1978


two mountable vehicles of the ‹elementar› toy-series by vero olbernhau, which was specialised in wooden toys. this ‹gutes design› award winning toy set was designed by helmut flade in 1978. [beech wood, plastic]

Sep. 22, 2013

gerhard dölz – vase | c. 1960


gerhard dölz was the third member of the artist collective saalfeld in addition to gerda körting and karl juettner. together they found through the art their way to ceramics. this fact is often reflected by the experimental and more artistic style of his ceramics. [glazed clay, h. 21,2cm]

Sep. 12, 2013

erfurt – street wisdom


seen at parking deck at juri-gagarin-ring. means: biking is better than driving. right!

Sep. 09, 2013

friedrich bundtzen – lidded bowl ‹romanze› | olg | 1962


with this ensemble friedrich bundtzen has created another timeless icon of design history made in gdr, which was shown at countless exhibitions related on design since the 1960s. to spite of the large volume, it appears to float with ease. [mould-blown glass, h. 25,5/9cm]