Dec. 24, 2011

Dec. 04, 2011

erfurt – angermuseum is for everyone.


the current exhibition “hausbesetzung” is the legal occupation of the becoming free space after canceling an intended albrecht dürer exhibition. artists and acteurs of the art establishments in erfurt followed a call of the new director, prof. schierz, of the artmuseums, the angermuseum as well. the benefited show of contemporary art could be understood as the way of protest against more withdraw of cultural funds.

Dec. 01, 2011

Děkuji Zdeněk Miler (1921-2011)


Illustration taken from children’s book “Der Märchenonkel” designed by Zdeněk Miler in 1959.

Dec. 01, 2011

designhandlung – advent calendar 2011


enjoy the this year’s advent calendar of designhandlung, which display a cross section of east german album covers.

Sep. 10, 2011

erfurt – street art


street art? not at all! this is just a sealed cover of a gully at domplatz in preparation to the pope visit of erfurt in the end of september.

Aug. 28, 2011

package design – veb zuckerkombinat artern | c. 1970


some days ago we debated about artern, a little town in northern thuringia, and what it stood for in the gdr. for sugar of course! sven knew it, jens has it (after a quick search).

Aug. 26, 2011

gerhard nußmann – fruit dish set | wallendorf | c. 1960


this is just another reason of why i love the 1960s work of wallendorfer porzellanfabrik. mostly clear shapes and so charming decorations. the appearance reminds on the works of raymond peynet, bjørn wiinblad or piero fornasetti. [decorated porcelain, dm. 8/18cm]

Aug. 23, 2011

erfurt – street art


trommsdorffstaße/anger. very nice!


Aug. 12, 2011

designhandlung – update


no hot hot summer, but hot hot update at designhandlung!

Jul. 06, 2011

karl juettner – vase | c. 1965


first item i have found at the bürgeler collectors market is this reference piece of karl juettner. the massive archaic appearance will be underlined by a light four-sided forming and the matte multilayered glaze with a little opening for holding just a single flower or a branch of a tree. [glazed manganese clay, h. 19,5cm]